The correct orthopedic pillow 

Today's conversation will be devoted to orthopedic pillows under the head. I will tell you which pillows can rightfully be classified as orthopedic, what they are, what they do, how to choose the right orthopedic pillow, when and to whom it can be offered in a pharmacy, and how pillows of different manufacturers differ.

Why do I need an orthopedic pillow?

Have you been accidentally photographed by your family during sleep? How do you sleep In what position? Doesn’t it happen that you get out of bed in the morning and your neck hurts or does not toss and turn at all? Or head cracking, like a hangover?It is no coincidence that the Creator created our spine with lords and kyphoses, and in Russian, with bends. This is very necessary in order to absorb the shock loads that he experiences when walking.
A baby is born without bends. They still do not need, because he still does not walk. But gradually nature prepares him for an upright position, and when he begins to hold his head, the very first bend appears - the cervical.
Have you tried sleeping completely without a pillow? Inconvenient, right? It’s inconvenient because the head seems to “fall” backwards.
If you sleep on an ordinary downy or feather pillow, it seems to be soft and comfortable. But the cervical spine is also in the wrong position, it is slightly bent. The muscles of the neck tighten from this position.
If this happens day after day, muscle tension becomes chronic, vertebral arteries that pass through the transverse processes of the vertebrae are chronically compressed and go, by the way, not somewhere, but to the brain. He does not receive blood, and therefore oxygen, and he is very sensitive to a lack of oxygen, and here's it for you: get headaches, dizziness, tinnitus and insomnia.
Do you know that the wrong position of the neck can cause snoring in a dream? This happens because the tongue and soft palate relax, and the tissues of the pharynx begin to “vibrate”, making heartbreaking sounds (for those sleeping nearby). The physiological position of the cervical spine keeps all this complex structure in good shape.
Of snoring, of course, you can tell more horror stories, well, but now I will not do it. Today we have a completely different topic. But I highly recommend making a notch in your memory: when they ask for something from snoring, offer an orthopedic pillow under your head, if any, in your assortment.

How to sleep properly?

To avoid all this, the main rule during sleep: the cervical spine must, together with its other departments, make a straight line. Like this:
How to do it? Very simple! You need to fill the cervical bend, and you will be happy! How? For example, like this:
But note that the height of the roller placed under the neck is not enough. The head is still slightly thrown back. That's why for the correct position of the cervical spine and need an orthopedic pillow.

What is the correct orthopedic pillow?

Now on the market there are darkness-darkening pillows that manufacturers call “orthopedic”. But upon closer inspection, they are not at all.
Why are they called that?
And to sell better. Since the people in recent years are not interested in pillows in general, but in particular with orthopedic ones. Here are the cunning manufacturers and began to sculpt pillows from any nonsense such as buckwheat husk, a cooling gel or some kind of ecofiber and call them the beautiful word "orthopedic". And they can add to the name the mysterious "with the effect of memory."

What should an orthopedic pillow really be?
Here are her signs:
The presence of a roller or rollers.
The elasticity of the material.
The ability to maintain its shape for a long time.
Safe materials.
I will explain a little.
It is the cushion that fills the cervical bend and maintains an even position of the spine during sleep.

The first ones are more universal: for different family members, for different body positions during sleep: on the back, on the side, on the stomach.
2. The elasticity of the material is the ability of the material to restore its shape after pressure. The orthopedic pillow should "spring", that is, push your hands out after pressure on it.
3. It is very important that after sleep on the pillow its shape is not lost, otherwise due to what it will "work"?
4. Well, there is nothing to explain about safe materials. A nose that periodically sticks into a pillow should not smell anything harsh, chemical or unhealthy. Otherwise, at best, we wake up with a headache, and at worst we will suffer from allergies. By the way, in ordinary feather and down pillows, a home tick really likes to live - the main household allergen.
So here. The first three of these properties have two materials: polyurethane foam and latex.
Latex is well known to you for latex gloves, condoms, nipples. It is obtained from the juice of the rubbery plant hevea, which grows in few places. Therefore, orthopedic pillows made of natural latex, which are found on our market, are more expensive than polyurethane foam. In addition, latex can cause allergies.
Therefore, I am FOR polyurethane foam pillows. They have all four of these properties and, importantly, cheaper than latex.
And another very important sign of a proper orthopedic pillow: it must be registered in Roszdravnadzor as a medical device. Its presence gives her the full right to be called orthopedic, that is, one that provides medicinal properties. Therefore, on the packaging or in the instructions should indicate that the pillow has RU: registration certificate.

When do you need an orthopedic pillow under your head?

Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.
Cerebrovascular accident.
Headaches, dizziness, tinnitus.
Sleep disturbances.
Condition after injuries of the cervical spine.
Instability of the vertebrae of the cervical spine.
Prevention of osteochondrosis.
Prevention of headaches.
Prevention of insomnia.
Prevention of cervical myositis.
Well, now tell me, who does not need an orthopedic pillow?

How does an orthopedic pillow work?

This information is for you, and at the same time, a ready-made presentation for the buyer.
“An orthopedic pillow provides anatomically correct position of the head and cervical spine during sleep and daytime rest. Thanks to this, the neck muscles, as well as the clamped vertebral arteries that feed the brain, relax. As a result, blood supply to the brain improves, headaches, dizziness, tinnitus decrease, sleep becomes stronger, and in the morning you feel rested and alert. ”
Are there any contraindications?
There are no absolute contraindications, but nevertheless, in case of serious neck diseases, it is better to consult a doctor after injuries of the cervical spine.
Types of orthopedic pillows for the head
Correct orthopedic pillows under the head are stiff from each other.
Stiffer pillows without a memory effect are therapeutic, as they provide more pronounced support. Therefore, if there is a problem with the cervical spine, these pillows are indicated. Before buying them, it is better to consult a doctor.
If the buyer purchases such a pillow, ask what position he is sleeping in. If he likes to sleep on his stomach, on this pillow he will be uncomfortable: the roller will press on his neck. Therefore, a pillow without a memory effect for those who sleep on their backs and sides. And for those who like to sleep on their stomach, offer a pillow with a memory effect.
Although the anatomical position of the neck during sleep on the stomach is not necessary. The neck is bent regardless of the softness of the pillow. But do not bind yourself before bedtime in the right position!
Once, upon hearing from me about such pillows, my sister asked me the question: “Do they improve memory?” It made me laugh, but then I thought: “But, really, orthopedic pillows improve memory, because they normalize blood circulation of the brain! "
Pillows with a memory effect are made of softer polyurethane foam, and after pressing it for some time, a handprint remains, which disappears within a few seconds.
The pillow repeats the shape of the head, neck, you can say, “remembers” it, adjusts, and sleep on it is very comfortable from the first days of use. At the same time, sometimes you need to get used to the “healing” pillow within 1-2 weeks.
I can say about myself: my dream, to put it mildly, is unimportant, but I did not need any getting used to a pillow with a memory effect. Buzz on her for three years now.

How to choose an orthopedic pillow under your head?

To do this, measure the length of the shoulder girdle with a centimeter: from the base of the neck to the edge of the shoulder.
Now there are pillows that are selected according to the size of the clothes. This is very convenient for you: it saves your time. In general, see the instructions.
What other properties should the buyer pay attention to when selling?
1. If the pillow base has holes, then the air and moisture exchange will be at a height, and the head on this pillow will not sweat. To check for perforations, unzip the pillow and look at the base. There may not be perforations in pillows with memory effect, since they are already extremely “breathable”.
2. If the pillow cover is made of 100% cotton, this is another advantage: hypoallergenicity and safety for the skin of the face are guaranteed.
3. If the cover is removable, it means that it can be washed; pillow care is lightweight.
4. If the pillow has a registration certificate of Roszdravnadzor (see on the packaging or in the instructions), then this is a medical device, and there is no doubt in its therapeutic effectiveness.